Port Nefir

Port Nefir is truly a hive of scum and villainy. Need a hot item moved? Take it to Port Nefir! Need an “undesirable” “taken care of”? Ask around the Scum Port!


Despite it’s bad reputation and less-than-friendly inhabitants, Port Nefir is actually the center of trade for the Radric Kingdom and it’s surrounding islands. Because of this, for trade regulation purposes, Port Nefir has declared itself a city-state. They pay a small tribute to the Radrics, but in exchange, the city makes an incredible amount of profit from the large number of merchants and traders that flow through the city every day. The costs of trading in Scum Port are manageable compared to the expense of travelling elsewhere to trade.


While slavery is outlawed within the King’s borders, Scum Port proudly reserves the right to buy, sell, and tax slaves and slave-related goods.

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Port Nefir

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