Iphitos is largely uncharted. Records found in the Radrics’ library talk of a great Gnomish kingdom that once ruled Iphitos. The record goes on to say that the kingdom receded on its own and the Radrics simply took control over unclaimed lands. Rumor has it the Radrics fought the Gnomish kingdom off the peninsula, claiming it for themselves. This story is corroborated by Valesquais gnomes who claim their ancestors were prisoners of war held captive by the Radrics and never released. There is, however, evidence to the contrary. For example, the King’s Peninsula is extremely lacking in gnomish remnants and architecture. This issue is quite controversial in Valesque and Jatusol, the cities with the highest concentration of gnomes and Radrics, and in scholarly societies such as the Pointe University of the Arcane Arts.

Besides its murky history, Iphitos is home to many flora and fauna not found on Koritos. Exports from Iphitos are often in high demand in Koritos and considered rare luxuries in Taekoku. Additionally, since much of the continent is unexplored, Iphitos is a hot destination for travelers, adventurers, and warderers alike




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